Councils have around 600 services to digitalise. That's an impossible investment, even if the services will SAVE each council money in the long run.

LoGov enables councils to jointly fund the highest priority services with other councils.

We have set up a Community Interest Company, led by Martyn Evans, and are now partnering with local councils, all looking for economies of scale.

The new, co-founded, sustainable way for councils to digitise paper and phone services


Many growing SMEs are looking for an alternative way of getting investment, but it needs to be cost effective and sustainable over time.

LifT is an online invoice financing solution, connecting SMEs to 'self serve' invoice financing directly from their existing accounting software account, such as Xero

We have fully backed and developed LifT through our in-house team, led by Sarah Beck.

Invoice financing: faster, simpler and cheaper

50th Generation

If you believe that purpose is the source of future profit, 50th Generation will help you grow into a ground-breaking company.

Corporates learn to be fast, lean and purpose-led. Startups tap into our purpose-led growth methodology and intensive founder learning programme.

We invested in 50th Generation in 2015 - originally founded by Carrie Bedingfield, Unboxed team member and entrepreneur.

The accelarator to scale purpose-led products and services

Knot Resources

Optimise the journey of your new joiners’ time to competence, maximise your employee engagement, reduce attrition, and uncover opportunities for innovation.

Knot Resources redesign the UX of Employment and implement sustainable people processes.

We recently invested in Knot Resources - originally founded by Claire Kemp, Unboxed team member ​(and entrepreneur).

An organisational culture doctor for SMEs looking to grow an open, agile culture in which excellent talent can thrive


Spend precious years and cash trying to force your startup – or validate your product and take a giant leap forward in 9 days with us.

Techqala is 9-day programme of guidance, talks, practical exercises, mentorship and direct access to experts that will take your startup through a dramatic growth cycle.

Techqala was launched first in Cape Town and delivered in 2015 – led by Richard Stobart and Carrie Bedingfield.

The 9-day start up accelerator


We learn through doing. We fast-track by reflecting on what we have done and learnt. Often with an existing master who knows us. How can we make this actually happen?

An app that brings together the developer of skills and a coach to reflect on events in the learning journey, from a football match to a sales pitch.

We have fully backed and developed Re-Play through its in house team, led by Martyn Evans.

From a football match to a sales pitch