Life at Unboxed

We strive to create a business environment centred around practical, inspiring values. Everything we do at Unboxed comes back to our three core principles:



We engage stakeholders, listen and get to the root cause.

We are open and transparent, always seeking to earn the trust of our partners. We don’t ask for permission through ‘sign off’ – in fact, ‘sign off’ is not part of our vocabulary. Rather, we are prepared to make decisions and be held accountable. We are prepared to make mistakes, so long as we can learn from them.

We accept that we know less today than we will tomorrow. We embrace this uncertainty, finding creative and inspiring ways to adapt, and we always take time to reflect in the pursuit of continuous self-improvement.


Deliver value early

At Unboxed, design and technology work in tandem, not in sequence.

We work quickly and collaboratively, ensuring everyone’s expertise is fed into each project in real time.

We are focused on the final goal: ‘Done’. But we understand that Done looks different depending on the expectations and complications of the project. That’s why we go to great lengths to de-risk and accelerate projects through prototyping, user-testing, peer reviews, vision typing and continuous improvement.

We do not strive for perfection. We don’t over-engineer or gold-plate our work, and we don’t drown ourselves in documentation. Instead, we seek to deliver the best value, on time, and then seek continuous feedback.


Take partnerships seriously

Working at Unboxed, you can expect to learn from the best.

We work across industries and sectors, taking a deep interest in our clients’ fields. This understanding enables us to drive engagement, enhance value and nurture satisfaction in every project we deliver. And of course, we share our own knowledge in return.

We understand that our clients are making a significant investment in us, and we go out of our way to honour this commitment. As well as delivering the best value to them, we always aim to go above and beyond, going out of our way to find new ways to add value.

What can you expect?


Open minded recruitment

We actively look for people who can bring diverse perspectives and experiences to our team. This includes those who have climbed up through non-traditional career paths, or who have taken an extended career break.

Our supportive team culture means we look to help everyone grow together, so we can all create a positive impact in our roles.


Diversity and inclusion

We’re proud to have and support a diverse team of people. Through flexible and hybrid working and family friendly policies, we’re set up to support our people whatever their individual needs. 

Our fantastic team is made up of more than 50% women, an unusual feat in the tech sector!


Nurturing our people

We believe in the power of learning, giving our people constant opportunities to learn and grow.

All our staff get up to 10 innovation days each year. They can use these days to explore an idea that could create a positive social impact in the future, or to learn, watch or read around their role. Many of our team spend these days together to share skills and experiences.

We also offer mentoring and reflection sessions and encourage everyone to attend conferences and training that could help to broaden their horizons and inspire new ideas.



We believe a happy team is a productive team. With a dedicated wellbeing champion, we host regular research-backed workshops to help support mental and physical wellbeing in the office and beyond.

We see every employee as an individual and encourage employee led growth and development so we can continue to support and learn from each other.


Supporting younger people

We are passionate about supporting and inspiring young people to develop technology skills. That’s why we offer regular work experience placements for young people and graduates interested in product design and development.

Several of our team members have taken on roles as volunteer mentors for the #bemedigital mentoring programme, supporting young women and girls from black and minority backgrounds to get into STEM careers.

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Employee testimonial

Celia Collins| Unboxed Developer

“Innovation days are great for exploring interests, as well as doing things that don’t necessarily fall under your job title. Last year, I taught a class of ten year olds about coding, which was incredibly fun and rewarding. My favourite question: did Kanye West invent the internet?”

Our final commitment

We’re proud of the culture we’ve built, but we also acknowledge we won’t always get things right. 

What we can do is strive for continuous improvement, and we do this by gathering regular feedback from our team through surveys, reflection sessions and director check-ins. In our last review, the majority of people felt they were given equal opportunities to grow and develop. We hope to continue building on that success to build an even better workplace.


Does this sound like the place for you?

If your personal values align with ours and if you want to join a culture that encourages and supports your professional development, we’d love to hear from you.