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The industry-leading redevelopment of attracts more users, driving revenue

  • 41% more page views and 74% more unique visitors, year-on-year
  • 65% more long form video views
  • Site rated 9/10 for usefulness and enjoyment of use
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Channel 5 in numbers


more unique visitors

A redeveloped VoD site designed to create greater engagement, loyalty and revenue and DemandFive were recreated and relaunched as one entity - – an ecosystem designed to attract more visitors and more short-form and long-form views. Engagement, loyalty and advertising revenue potential are at the heart of this change.

Channel 5 website showing Walking Dead special

This was a huge and critical piece of work for Channel 5 and Unboxed excelled at every level. Their Agile process was central to this achievement.

Chris Kerwin, Digital Controller, Channel 5

Visitor experience transformed: Easy to find out about your favourite programmes or watch something you’ve missed

The new site makes it easier to find out programming information across multiple channels and to find, and also to watch your favourite programmes.

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more long form video views


rating for usefulness and enjoyment of use

Content management transformed: All systems integrated and designed to scale is now underpinned by a complex, full-scale CMS, making it easy for editors to post a vast amount of content about programmes, with the ability to create custom pages. Our agile development approach made the complex integration of multiple platforms simple and fast.

Agile task board

Unboxed delivered a first class service, ensuring the site was launched on time and met Channel 5's expectations.

Chris Kerwin, Channel 5

Unboxed team

Attila Gyorffy
Sarah Beck
Richard Archer
Alan Thomas
Ben Wong

The rebuild and integration of two legacy sites created a seamless user experience and major economies of scale for Channel 5.