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Webinar: Digital health innovation, why patient and clinician involvement matters.

Jaoui Liu-Meachin, Feb. 26, 2024

The pandemic and Generative AI have fueled a boom in digital health solutions. New startups are transforming healthcare by reducing administrative burdens, streamlining information for clinicians, and enhancing diagnostics. In this webinar, we spotlight collaborative co-creation in digital health, where clinicians and patients work together to shape and scale these innovations. We'll explore how this partnership drives the successful scaling of digital health solutions.

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Join our wonderful panelists Martyn Evans, Director at Unboxed, Mollie Courtney, Head of product at SH:24 and Laura Smith, Lead design at Unboxed.


  • Unboxed and SH:24: A case study in patients and clinicians centred design for better outcomes and adoption
  • Scaling digital health: the SH:24 Journey
  • Your questions answered: expert insights on digital health collaboration

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