Your guide through prototyping and validation of ideas

Digital innovation is inherently risky. But wouldn't it be great to minimise uncertainty before committing major resources?

In our blog post on when we can skip discovery , we explored the value of prototyping before investing in product development.

To help do this we’ve created a set of Prototyping and validation cards that can assist with streamlining your digital innovation processes. These cards have some useful tools to help ensure you keep focus on the desired long-term impact of the new product or service.

In this set of cards we’ve combined a number of digital innovation concepts from Lean Startup and Design Thinking.

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  • ways to help you define what you need to prototype and how you can gather evidence to help with your idea work towards your set outcomes
  • a wide range of tools for validation and prototyping
  • know which tool to use when, based on what you need to know

Note: The Prototyping and validation cards were originally developed in 2019. Help us keep it up-to-date! We welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement.