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Providing visual and popularity insight into UK petitions

  • Interactive heat map tool built during innovation time
  • Visual representation of signatures of every live petition
  • JavaScript map powered through open source data
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A heat map of UK politics

Petition Map is an interactive heat map, which allows users to visualise signatures of a UK petition on a real-time map of the United Kingdom. Following the redevelopment of the Parliament Petitions platform with GDS (Government Digital Service), our intern developer, Cale, spent innovation time during his summer here to explore, develop and build this heat map to support the Petitions platform for members of the public.

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Cale Tilford, Developer, Unboxed

​Pulling open data for real-time visualisation

Petition Map pulls the JSON data of each individual petition, allowing users to select from a list of active petitions to visualise, with the popular Javascript library D3 used to render the outline of each parliamentary constituency. Each instance a petition is loaded, the colour scale is calculated relative to the total number of signatures, with each constituency then coloured in relation to this.

JSON file containing petition data

Petition Map has been built to work on both desktop and mobile so that petitions can be visualised even when on the move. The tool is constantly being iterated using the feedback we receive from our users.

Cale Tilford, Developer, Unboxed

Gaining a high public following

Following a number of high-profile political topics, the map has begun to build up a public following, appearing in publications such as Mail Online and The Independent. Petitions such as ‘Block Donald J Trump from UK entry’ and the more recent four-million-signature receiving ‘EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum’ have caused a sharp surge in map users, with the number of session crossing four million since it launched.

Petition Map on a Mac

Since the EU Referendum petition, by popular demand the map has been updated with a new colouring option – weighting each constituency with its population. Hovering over each constituency also shows you the percentage of constituents that have signed. These new features make Petition Map an even more useful tool for examining regional engagement with politics.

Cale Tilford, Developer, Unboxed

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