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47% more holiday bookings through rebuilding travel platform

  • Offshore team led overhaul, vastly improving UX
  • Page sessions up 7%, page views up 28% and conversation rates up by 43%
  • Micro-service architecture ready for the future
Contiki website screenshot

Contiki in numbers


Increased likelihood of users willing to book online

10-year-old site needed more than a facelift to improve conversions

Contiki Tours is a global travel operation, with 150k bookings for 18-35s per year. Contiki needed to revamp online platform to increase visitor-to sale conversion and meet expectations of tech-savvy audience. Something special was needed for the 10-year old site, already tweaked by several other agencies.

Team meeting

Our ambitious business objectives around performance and revenue were overwhelmingly met. The project came in on time and budget. Can’t ask for more than that!

Simon Larkin, Product Owner — Contiki

Agile key in move to iterative customer-led design development

Unboxed’s offshore Cape Town team, led Contiki through the Agile-based project – focusing on rapid delivery of customer features over ‘pixel perfect’ designs. The complete project team consisted of four developers, a Scrum Master, Contiki’s design team and the Product Owner and the total project duration was 16 weeks.

Presentation of a design


Conversion rate increase from previous period


Increase in bookings over previous period

A step change in site performance shifts dated business model

The development and design teams worked side-by-side and communicated using ‘The Unboxed Way’ - frequent, high-bandwidth, clear and open channels. Contiki were able to re-prioritise their features on a weekly basis as new requirements emerged. Built in Ruby on Rails, with JavaScript elements and Unboxed’s own micro-service APIs, this is a site created to meet Contiki’s future business goals.

Sketch of a design

We had a straightforward and smooth product release, with minimal fuss or user support issues.

Simon Larkin, Product Owner — Contiki

Pre-project objectives met – results dropped straight onto bottom line

All project’s objectives have been met or exceeded. Page loading times have decreased by 56%, conversion rates are up 43% and bookings up 47%. The technologies employed are designed to dramatically cut the cost of future improvements.

Contiki website screenshot

The 'Unboxed Way' created a fully integrated team and made offshoring development a reality for Contiki.

Simon Larkin, Product Owner — Contiki

Unboxed team

Carlo Kruger
Patrick Vine
Richard Archer
Heidi Geisler
Ben Janecke
Gavin van Lelyveld

Objectives vs outcomes

  • To improve usability and sales Objective met
  • Improve our ability to communicate core sales messages to the trade Objective met
  • Improve the maintainability and future proofing of the site reducing on-going maintenance costs and implement a responsive framework for future mobile requirements Objective met
    • Speed, ease and efficiency are the order of the day Objective smashed!