News / Unboxed Consulting to give talk session at UX Craft Cape Town South Africa

posted on: August 11, 2014

Carlo Kruger of our Cape Town office is scheduled to give a talk at the inaugural UX South Africa Conference, taking place on 3rd & 4th October in Cape Town.

This two-day conference aims to raise awareness around UX and business integration in South Africa, providing a mix of inspiration, education and skill development to UX practitioners. A full programme by some of the best practitioners in South Africa is currently being put together.

‘Product Management, Cognitive Bias and You’ is the title of Carlo’s talk, taking place on Saturday 4th October.

A short synopsis of the talk:

Product development is hard. It might be one of the hardest things we’ve ever tried to do as a species. It seems like product success is all trial and error and luck (and pivoting, don’t forget pivoting). What doesn’t help is that we seem to have the deck stacked against us. We are all susceptible to our innate cognitive biases when making decisions. This session will identify some common cognitive biases and show their impact on how we make decisions in product management. And we’ll explore how User Centered Design can help us overcome these limitations.

More information about the UX South Africa Conference, and a list of other confirmed speakers, can be found on the official website.