News / Unboxed Consulting builds innovative learning platform for young people

posted on: September 17, 2012

Agile web application development specialists, Unboxed Consulting have completed Apps for Good “Project Phoenix“, which teaches pupils to create mobile and web apps to solve real problems.

Unboxed Consulting completed the build of the versatile and innovative learning platform, delivering in 7 weeks what had previously taken a year to fail.

Project “Phoenix“ built to support 5,000 schools and 100,000 student teams by 2013-14. Users can access website through any modern desktop or mobile browser. Student teams upload coursework “artifacts“ for marking. The system links stakeholders together to maximise learning opportunities.

The Apps for Good project is funded by the Nominet Trust and Nesta’s Innovation in Giving fund.

“We are so pleased. The platform sits at the heart of our future strategy for growth and thanks to the precise and fast work of Unboxed we are now back on track to achieve this. Working with a team that really excels in agile has been amazing.“ Iris Lapinski, CEO, CDI Apps for Good

Visit the Apps for Good site that we built

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