News / Unboxed awarded two Public Health England contracts

posted on: March 22, 2018

Unboxed has been awarded two contracts with Public Health England (PHE).

Public Health England

Procured through the Digital Marketplace framework, Unboxed will be working with PHE to deliver two separate project phases:

  • The discovery phase for the UK National Screening Committee Website
  • The alpha phase for the Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework

The UK National Screening Committee Website discovery phase will see Unboxed and PHE conduct a 4-week exploration of the current UK National Screening Committee’s online presence and service offering, paying particular attention to stakeholders across a four-country remit (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). The team will work to identify and assess user needs, discover any unmet needs or pain points, audit legacy websites and governance for users and stakeholders to more easily find and engage with the UK National Screening Committee.

The Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework alpha phase will see Unboxed join the next phase of a current PHE project to begin forming concepts of a system for an increasingly digitally reliant population. The team will work to prototype, continually user test and iterate early concepts for allowing users to navigate through a journey of the Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework new digital service, allowing for a wide range of users to gain the most value from the new Public Health Skills & Knowledge Framework when the service is implemented and publically released.

Adrian, Product Owner of UK National Screening Committee, said:

“We’re looking forward to the Unboxed team introducing us to numerous user research tools and agile ways of working which PHE are keen to learn from. They offer a very friendly working environment where great ideas are openly shared across the delivery team, and are highly proactive and passionate to deliver to the best standards and in the interests of all parties. We look forward to working with them in the upcoming project phases.”

Martyn Evans, Head of Product at Unboxed, said:

“With Unboxed’s continued focus on the healthcare sector, we’re really looking forward to delivering these two projects alongside the teams at PHE. This is an exciting opportunity to guide a large and complex organisation through the process of agile service design and delivery. The impact of these projects go far beyond these two phases, potentially affecting public health on a national scale.”

Unboxed has successfully delivered a number of healthcare projects, with organisations including:

  • SH:24
  • Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
  • Southwark CCG