News / The Speed Agile webinar series

posted on: June 1, 2015

Increase your pace of digital products and service development

Most big organisations want to develop products much faster but can’t because of:

  • Too many checkpoints and too many sign off points by multiple people
  • Too few conversations with real users and too little validation of the real problem to solve
  • A traditional mindset and structure that resists a faster way of working

All this is can be overcome or improved! Join us for our Speed Agile webcast series to learn techniques specifically to increase the pace of digital product and service development in your organisation.

Speed up stakeholder communication and sign off

Wednesday 24th June, 16:00

With Richard Stobart, CEO

Richard Stobart

Understand how to rapidly engage and build confidence with your stakeholders and create momentum on the features they really need. Apply communication ceremonies that give everyone clarity help slice through a complex stakeholder decision making unit.

Read this webinar summary and listen to the full session recording here.

Speed up problem and customer validation

Wednesday 1st July, 16:00

With Martyn Evans, Head of Product

Martyn Evans

Unlock development by quickly and deeply understanding 1) the real problem that your digital product or service needs to solve and 2) the exact customers who will pay for the solution. Learn techniques to rapidly and reliably gather data that enables the team to build the RIGHT product.

Read this webinar summary and listen to the full session recording here.

Speed up agile deployment in a waterfall organisation

Wednesday 15th July, 16:00

With Steve Lennon, Director of Delivery

Steve Lennon

Create your own strategy for leading an agile programme inside a slower or more traditional organisation. Find out how public sector digital technologists have navigated stakeholders and structures. Discover what influences the whole organisation quickly and makes you the trusted digital leader. Find out how to overcome resistance.