News / The Gareth Cliff app for fans - designed and developed by Unboxed

posted on: August 23, 2011

Gareth Cliff is a radio and TV personality in South Africa. He is a breakfast show host, an Idols judge for the South African version, and has over 500,000 fans on twitter and facebook. Unboxed was asked to create an exclusive, entertaining and unique app for Gareth’s fans and the iPhone version launched this month.

From initial designs, wireframes and UX, Unboxed designed and developed a visually entertaining app. Fans can now wake up to Gareth’s impersonations of Jacob Zuma or Prince Charles in the alarm clock feature, and see what the weather is like with graphics of Gareth in different weather conditions. The main feature is the daily videos from Gareth but the app also includes customised twitter and facebook feeds, and viral marketing features. Unboxed developed two apps with the main app being the creative one for the fans. A second app allows Gareth to record daily videos, assign publishing dates and upload to the content management system. The app for iPad users will be available in Sept 2011.

Gareth says “I’m delighted to be part of the development and launch of the Gareth Cliff app - not only to be able to offer my audience content in a new, cool way with cutting-edge technology but also to partner with cutting-edge developers.  This space is increasingly becoming a primary source for ‘connecting’ and as a broadcaster, it’s great to be in the forefront. The alarm clock, video blog and general ease of use in Twitter and Facebook interactivity are smooth and effective. I’m extremely proud of and impressed by all aspects of the new app. It’s quirky, functions beautifully and has character”.