News / StrongerAgile Webinar Series 2015

posted on: December 16, 2014

Help yourself to practical advice and tools from some of the most experienced Agile practitioners on the planet: Unboxed’s Richard Stobart, Martyn Evans, Carlo Kruger and Steve Lennon. Join us for our #StrongerAgile webinar series in 2015:

Why pair programming? And how to do it well…

Wednesday 4th February, 16:00

IBM reported spending about “$250 million repairing and reinstalling fixes to 30,000 customer-reported problems” – money that would have been saved if they had used paired programming. Done well, it takes 15% more time but reduces code defects significantly. This webinar is for Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Analysts and developers who want to understand how to tap into the value of paired programming.

  • Why you want to do it
  • What the quality benefits are
  • The best way to pair

Spanning the rift - advice for waterfall organisations running Agile projects

Wednesday 18th February, 16:00

Agile was once considered by project management professionals to be a fad. As it matures, larger and more complex organisations are transitioning from a rich waterfall history to Agile, with some clunks along the way. If this is your challenge, this webinar will provide you with a toolkit to navigate the transition skillfully.

  • ‘Waterfall Agile’ is NOT a good idea
  • Creating an Agile introduction for waterfall organisations
  • Taking Agile into waterfall ‘boardrooms’

Take developers up the foodchain: why and how to include developers in business and design meetings for better ideation

Wednesday 4th March, 16:00

Discover why and how to bring IT people into the ideation process for a more powerful process and a faster route from ideas to market; or from features to users. Understand how to make this painfree and energising for everyone involved.

  • Developers have ideas too – how to understand and harness them without bringing ideation to a standstill
  • How developers view features and complexity
  • Managing developer disruption

Offshoring Agile: Make it work in practice

Wednesday 18th March, 16:00

Despite the belief that agile can’t work offshore, it can flourish with the right mindset, processes and relationship. Hear from experts in Agile offshoring based in Cape Town, who will share a roadmap and toolkit for Agile success across geography.

  • The best way to do distributed development
  • How we manage off-shore work, pitfalls
  • Practical tips from our client projects between Cape Town and London

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