News / Seminar: Rails 5 Upgrade – Advice for IT Leaders

posted on: June 18, 2015

Rails 5 is due for release in August/September 2015 and is likely to fundamentally change the way we work with Rails.

Unboxed is hosting this unique event to allow IT leaders responsible for deciding and leading on upgrading a significant, existing Rails app to learn from the only Rails Core Team Member in the UK.

Andrew White will share the key upgrade issues for enterprise on:
Time: 09:30 - 12:30
Date: Thursday 13th August
Location: 17 Blossom Street, London, E1 6PL

Who should attend?

  • IT leaders who are responsible for deciding whether to upgrade a significant, existing Rails app to Rails 5
  • ….and who are responsible for the success or failure of the transition!

    (** note that we’ll run a detailed technical meet up in September for senior developers and architects (Andrew will lead this too!)

Join this seminar to understand:

  • The scope and scale of upgrading: What will you gain? How difficult will it be?
  • The business case for and against
  • Key pitfalls to avoid as the decision maker
  • The best roadmap for upgrade
  • How to steer and guide the team who will deliver the upgrade

About Andrew White:

Andrew White

Andrew White has been a contributor to Ruby on Rails since 2007 and a core team member since 2012. He is currently the only core team member in the UK. He is personable, practical and a highly respected member of the Rails community.

github: pixeltrix

twitter: @pixeltrix

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