News / Meetup: Andrew White’s Technical Breakfast Club: Scaling up Rails in a national referendum

posted on: July 19, 2016

The time has come for the next installment of Andrew White’s Technical Breakfast Club.

The recent EU referendum saw the Parliament Petitions system process over 4.1 million signatures through the ‘EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum’ petition, in the days following the vote result.

Join us for this one-off meetup where Andrew White, Rails Core Team Member and Unboxed CTO (as well as technical lead on the Petitions website), will share how a Rails application originally designed to process up to 12,000 signatures per hour coped with 150,000 – disproving the common misconception that “Rails can’t scale”.

Date: Wednesday 31st August
Time: 09:30 – 10:30 (Breakfast from 09:00)
Location: Unboxed, 17 Blossom Street, London, E1 6PL

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Andrew will be covering:

  • The background to the Petitions website and its design
  • Lessons learnt from previous popular petitions
  • Scaling your app when it receives unexpected demand
  • Lessons learnt from the 24th June and the following few days
  • Coping with fraud and bad actors

About Andrew White

Andrew White's Technical Breakfast Club

Andrew has been a contributor to Rails since 2007 and since 2012 has been one of 12 Rails Core Team members responsible for setting the future direction of the framework. He is currently the only Core Team member based in the UK.

Github: pixeltrix
Twitter: @pixeltrix

Session write-up

The write-up of this Andrew White’s Technical Breakfast Club session can be found here.