News / Local government: how agile development of digital services can help meet council budget cuts

posted on: August 22, 2013

The proposed 2014 and 2015 budget cut for local government have been widely criticised by local councils, though ministers insist that they will not affect frontline services.

So how will those efficiencies be made?

There is mounting evidence that digitalising internal processes and citizen-facing services is one way to create rapid efficiencies – whilst at the same time improving the process or end user experience.

E-government is not a new concept but becomes truly powerful through the Agile development approach– a rapid, end-user led approach to development which creates better digital products for a fraction of the cost and timeframe of the traditional ‘plan and scope in detail then build’ approach.

If the digital service under development is citizen-facing, it may well draw on Assisted Digital – designed interactions and interfaces to get digital by default services to the 18% of the population that are not online.

Three ways digital services create cost savings

  • Less labour intensive to achieve same outcome e.g. applying for a license
  • Higher compliance and more ‘right-first-time’ completions
  • Fewer people required to check and enforce non-compliance

What’s more - the expectation of citizens is growing:

How to get started digitalising one or more of the 600 local government services