News / Donald Trump block petition hits 400,000 signatures and rising

posted on: December 9, 2015

A petition to block the entry of Donald Trump to the UK has risen to a total of 400,000 signatures from members of the public on the government Petitions site, and rising every minute.

Built as a partnership between Unboxed and GDS (Government Digital Service), Petitions enables members of the public to create or sign petitions that ask for a change to the law or to government policy.

The Donald Trump block petition has passed the 100,000-signature threshold in less than 24 hours. Petitions that receive 10,000 signatures get a response from the government, and those that receive 100,000 signatures are considered for debate in Parliament.

The Government will respond to this petition and Parliament will consider it for debate.

Our Petition Map shows a visual heat map of which individual areas are signing this petition from across the UK.

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