News / Buckinghamshire County Council project reaches end of Alpha phase

posted on: March 2, 2016

Our current service redesign project with Buckinghamshire County Council has successfully reached the end of the 8-week Alpha phase.

This ‘exemplar’ project was created by Buckinghamshire County Council to learn about how to build end-to-end digital services so good, people prefer to use them. The exemplars tackled two of the council’s highest volume services:

Service one: Find my child a school place
The full school entry application process placing around 18,000 children every year, from the initial finding of a school in the right catchment area through to confirming a child’s place online:

Digital service one

Service two: Maintain my street
A service for reporting any street issues and a platform to suggest local area improvements:

Digital service two

The end of this Alpha phase follows a successful 6-week Discovery phase. The upcoming Beta phase will see the team build out the prototypes at scale.

“With Unboxed’s help we designed Alpha to address the biggest design, business and technical risks to the project. This is part of the new ways of working we’re trying. We’re now in a good position to provide customers with good digital services that they prefer to use.” - Matthew Cain, Head of Digital, Buckinghamshire County Council

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