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We are a London based digital service design and development agency with 18 years of experience in creating great digital services in both the public and private sector. Our delivery approach is strongly based on Agile principles.

We work in multidisciplinary teams, collaborating all the way from initial user research and customer engagement through to building fully functioning digital services. We believe in openness, transparency and honest communication, encouraging collaboration and learning from each other.

Digital services we’ve designed and developed include UK Parliament Petitions, SH:24 online sexual health, electric vehicle charging, and others.

Groups of Unboxed employees talking at an away day

Our values

We live our values at Unboxed:

  • openness and transparency
  • learning by doing
  • healthy relationships
  • care and attention
  • continuous improvement

We look for people who can apply these values to their work, their team and our clients.

Our culture

We’ve worked really hard to create our own unique culture of support, kindness, autonomy and reflection. We’ve written quite a lot about it, and these blog posts will give you a good idea of what it’s like working with us.

Reflective practice at work

Lunch and learn at Unboxed

Kindness in the workplace

Transparent by default, open by nature

How to listen well


“To me, Unboxed is distinct in that it gathers and brings to the table a huge pool of great, diversified talent. That seems to be our greatest assets: our people and the way we empower them to create solutions to problems.”

Pedro Moreira, Developer, Unboxed Alumnus


A focus on wellbeing

At Unboxed, we strive to create an inclusive workplace environment where people can thrive and feel they belong, by promoting a good work life balance, open communication and positive working relationships.

Activities to keep our people connected include:

  • our regular Whines and Cheers' social
  • weekly team breakfasts
  • monthly 'Linkers and Thinkers' lunches, pairing up colleagues
  • The Unboxed Goss, our internal newsletter

  • quarterly company retrospectives
  • company-wide resilience training
  • regular team sessions on wellbeing
Victoria Peel

“It goes to the heart of our values that Unboxeders feel happy, valued and engaged. It's not always perfect but we keep on learning and we keep on trying to do the best by our people.”

Vicky Peel, People


We ensure that work life balance is met by offering:

  • 25 days holidays, plus bank holidays

  • Holiday loyalty and flex bonus

  • Maternity and Shared Parental Leave policies
  • A pension scheme
  • 10 innovation days per year

Innovation days

Everyone at Unboxed gets 10 innovation days each year. These are non-project days where team members can work on personal projects for professional development, spend time mentoring or teaching people in local communities about our work, or organise a hack day to explore new ideas.

Our innovation days have led to a few spin-offs, including:

  •, an on-street electric vehicle lamppost charging solution
  • Techqala, a part-startup accelerator, part-business innovation camp
  • LoGov Platform, a Community Interest Company for public services
Celia Collins.jpeg

“Innovation days are great for exploring interests, as well as doing things that don’t necessarily fall under your job title. Last year, I taught a class of ten year olds about coding, which was incredibly fun and rewarding. My favourite question: did Kanye West invent the internet?”

Celia Collins, Developer

Sorry, we are not actively hiring for any roles at the moment.

We are always open to meeting new people, so if you think that you might share Unboxed’s values and have something to offer, send your CV to, with a really good covering letter explaining what you’re looking for and why Unboxed is the place for you.