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My first LRUG talk

Celia Collins, Feb. 13, 2019

My new year’s resolution was to do more stuff, there being two main reasons behind this:

  1. I feel happier and more fulfilled when I have a busier schedule
  2. I want to push myself and experience more things

Luckily this aligns pretty nicely with Unboxed’s thinking at the moment, where we’re trying to get more people out there into the community and attend more events. And so when Martyn suggested Boris and I do a talk at LRUG (London Ruby User Group) I was only momentarily horrified, before reminding myself that this would be a great opportunity to do stuff.

This all resulted in me getting up on stage with Boris on February 11th to give a talk (the link is below). We decided to discuss what it’s like to work at Unboxed as a designer or developer, and how we collaborate and take on aspects of each other’s roles to produce better work. Hopefully we manage to convey what it’s like to do so, and that we do work well together and enjoy the process. It was my first time talking at LRUG, and actually my first time giving a “proper talk”. I hope you like it and that my resolution continues.