Sprint retrospective

Software development and IT services revolutionised

  • Ad hoc and unsatisfactory software development overhauled
  • University engaged by improved transparency
  • Increased productivity, transparency and confidence
  • Results prompted other departments to become more Agile
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The Unboxed team worked closely with Plymouth University to bring the theory of Agile to reality.

Bringing structure to the software production process

The university's software services worked on an ad hoc basis, with little oversight or integration with other departments. We were enlisted to create a robust but flexible development process, building a structure for development where there had been none.

Project team

A lot of organisations claim to be Agile, but they just cherry pick techniques. Unboxed have a complete vision for delivering Agile.

Paul Westmore, Interim CIO, Plymouth University

Inspiring confidence through transparency

Whereas the development service was previously left at arm's length by the university, instilling Agile processes better integrated it with other stakeholders. Regular show-and-tells allowed ongoing feedback, hugely improving the quality of software and reputation. As a direct result, other departments requested Agile training from Unboxed, immediately seeing the advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity.

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Creating pride in the development service

A further benefit was that the clear structure gave control back to the development team and allowed them to participate in a process that the university bought into fully. We continue to work with Plymouth University to embed Agile processes throughout their IT services – work that the teams have described as engaging and fun as well as extremely valuable.

University meeting
Paul Westmore, Plymouth University

Unboxed team

Attila Gyorffy
Chris Carter
Alan Thomas
Sarah Beck
Glenn Smith
Richard Stobart

Show-and-tells opened the platform to share thoughts and feelings within the team, resulting in actions to go forward.