News / Unboxed Digital Leaders Webinars series

posted on: October 14, 2014

Each webinar delivers a practical action plan in 30 minutes. All sessions are hosted by our CEO & ‘Best Agile Coach or Mentor (Process)’ UK Agile Award winner, Richard Stobart:

‘Unstick your product pipeline: how to rapidly progress a complex portfolio of stalled products’

16:00, Wednesday 5th November

You’ve a wealth of new digital product feature ideas. Perhaps to catch-up a fast moving competitor, fix legacy issues or hook a whole tranche of new customers. However, you and your business are stuck on a way forwards, with a lack of time, resources, skills and strategy. This 30 minute session will show you how to get unstuck.

'Communication Ceremonies: why, what and how to communicate to increase the pace at early stage digital product development’

16:00, Wednesday 19th November

The Scrum ceremonies are a list of common-sense project meetings. The real power lies in why, what and how you communicate before, within and around those meetings. This webinar gives you a strong guide to exactly what should and shouldn’t be included in those ceremonies - to give your team the best chance of delivering value. Listen to valuable insight and ask questions of an experienced Scrum Master and one of the UK’s acknowledged Agile experts.

'Getting to Beta: taking 'stubborn’ products to beta in 4 weeks’

16:00, Wednesday 3rd December

In the public sector or private sectors, getting a ‘stubborn’ digital product to beta often takes months or stalls at the first hurdle. We’ll show you how to get there in four weeks, with a high chance of further, ongoing success. Find out how with practical case studies and real-life lessons.