News / Agile masters, Unboxed Consulting, use lego and ideation to teach the agile methodology

posted on: June 21, 2012

We’ve been the ‘Agile Grown Ups’ of the development market for a while now, bringing the power of agile to serious projects and high stake applications, such as the government’s e-petitions site. This month we’ve being sharing the Agile approach with the big wide world…

At the end of May, we took Agile ‘lego-style’ to Digital Shoreditch – the festival celebrating the outstanding creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent of East London and Tech City.

Richard Stobart and Tom Dickinson ran a huge live workshop session in the Big Top designed using lego to simplify and explain how agile works in practice. Teams of visitors tried out Agile methodology for themselves, building towns and amenities and experiencing the full Agile cycle in a single hour.

One visitor rated the workshop as “…the most interesting and exciting table top session I’ve seen in my career. In five minutes we had already built a town – using any other methodology, we’d still be talking about it…”

In June, we took Agile and our approach to ideation to one of the largest most creative global advertising agencies in the world. We used The Unboxed Way to help their people solve problems more creatively. We worked through a series of left/right brain stretching and creative exercises. Step one – use the right brain extensively and freely. Step two – immediately switch to an intense left brain task. Step three – apply newly flexed brain to a real business challenge. Ideas came thick and fast. Some were pretty awesome (given that they work for one of the world’s top advertising agency, we knew they might well be).