News / Agile for Public Sector Masterclass: Access and Leverage SME Agile Thinking in 2013 - 26th March 2013

posted on: February 5, 2013

FOUR public sector Agile leaders share detailed case studies of how Agile has transformed technology, performance and ROI

The government has a clear commitment to Agile and the cost, time and technology benefits are tantalising. Real insight and examples of accessing these benefits in the real public sector world are hard to find. In this masterclass, we bring together four Agile pioneers from the public and private sector to share, in detail, their experience of leveraging Agile, with remarkable results. Together, they share a roadmap for any IT decision maker or Product Owner with a big goal for 2013.

The masterclass is for:

  • SROs in the public sector
  • Programme managers with Agile ambitions in the public sector
  • Public Sector IT decision makers who are trying to achieve a critical goal, using technology in 2013

In this masterclass, we will share a complete road map for Agile success in the public sector:

  • How to connect with the Agile SME world – minimising risk and leveraging the talent and tools available
  • Getting results fast – creating momentum and energy to prove Agile from Day One
  • Governing Agile projects in the public sector – keeping programmes firmly on track and building confidence with stakeholders

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Realising Agile benefits immediately: return on investment from Day One
    Clive Benton, Programme Manager, HM Land Registry

  • Bridging the divide to the Agile SME world: how to access the SME talent in the marketplace
    Government Digital Services

  • Author of Governance for Agile Delivery in the Public Sector
    Dr Sally Howes, CIO, National Audit Office

  • Inception to Implementation: what can the public sector learn from nimble SMEs
    Richard Stobart, CEO, Unboxed Consulting and Iris Lapinski, CEO, Apps for Good

Further Details:

  • Date: 26th March 2013
  • Time: 9am - 1pm
  • Location: WallaceSpace, Covent Garden, London
  • Cost: £245 or free for those in the public sector using the code UNBOXED100

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