At Unboxed, design is a team sport

We have a brilliant team of agile folk with an impressive reputation for creating great digital services in both the public and private sector.

We are looking for a talented and confident strategic designer to join us.

We need someone who:

  • Has a breadth of experience several different design disciplines
  • Is a strategic thinker, comfortable with uncertainty and complexity
  • Takes a highly collaborative approach, facilitating design within teams
  • Is a passionate advocate for Design Thinking and Lean and Agile principles
  • Loves to get out and learn from users, customers and stakeholders
Designer at work

Key competencies and skills

  • Working collaboratively with the project's Product Owner and end users to deliver designs that meet the product need
  • Maintaining design iterations from low-fidelity sketches, through wireframes to high fidelity visual designs
  • Translating extracted requirements from clients and end users into design and UX priorities
  • Researching material in support of new design concepts and produce interactive design tools to evaluate and present these ideas
  • Finding a way to be a part of the whole development life cycle, including sprint planning and daily Scrum meetings
  • Working with developers to ensure best practice design is implemented correctly

Highly desirable

  • Experience and desire to work on the types of project we are looking for
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with a cross-functional team
  • A thorough understanding of digital design
  • Skills in communicating the process with stakeholders and other interested parties
  • Potential to champion the value of design within Unboxed
  • Presence within the broader design community
Designers meeting

Benefits of working with us

  • 25 holiday days per year, on top of the bank holiday allowance
  • Holiday flexibility and loyalty bonus benefits
  • An informal, startup culture of growth and flexible working hours
  • 10 Innovation Days per year
  • A generous conference budget to attend the conferences of your choice
  • A peer-to-peer mentoring programme
  • Life assurance policy at 4x salary
  • A workplace pension with Standard Life
  • A 'Bike To Work' scheme
Designer at work

Other benefits include

  • Weekly reflection and drinks at our Whines & Cheers session (our Friday evening company retrospective)
  • Bi-annual reviews
  • The potential for equity in an Unboxed 'spin-off' product
  • Monthly 'Linkers & Thinkers' lunches
  • Your own caricature

What next?

Send us your CV and, if we think you will make a good team member, we will arrange to meet with you. Here, we are trying to understand what motivates you and get some initial thoughts on how you might fit within our team.

If we think you will compliment our team, we will invite you into our office to collaborate on a short whiteboard exercise. This gives us the opportunity to see how you uncover constraints to inform design decisions.

Designer presenting personas
Martyn Evans, Head of Product

Send us your CV

Steve is our people person. If this role sounds of interest to you, he would love to hear from you.

Send your CV through to Steve at:

From there, he'll be in touch.

Good luck! (Sorry - no recruiters please, we do all our hiring in-house).

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