I was driving the family back from Lucca in Tuscany to catch our flight from Genova when a thought struck me. Car manufacturers segment their markets looking for large niches.  Large enough to attract enough customers worldwide but unique enough to differentiate themselves from the competition.  I have sat with customers as they try to define the tone and style of their website. We often work with customers who are building a website from scratch so we are working from a blank canvas which in some ways makes things easier but usually the brand identity and site functionality emerge together. 

“We want a quality brand and we want that to come across in our website” our customer will say. This is where my new idea comes in.

“If your site was a car, what car would it be and what colour would it be?” I proffer. 

“Well, our product is the best!” counter the customer.

“So are we talking Rolls Royce or Bugatti Veyron?” 

“Well those cars are in an inaccessible league that very few can afford.  Our site offers value.”

“So how about a Mercedes S class or BMW 7 series?”

“Those cars are executive cars, we are selling to middle class families.”

“Larger families, with older parents?  How about a Volvo XC90 or a Audi Q7”

“No.  Our family would be ecologically friendly.  They would drive the Lexus 400h Hybrid.  In black.

“That’s it!  Our site is a black Lexus 400h.”

I wonder if there is a way to reference the Toyota Way. 

If your site was a car, what car would it be?  What car is our Unboxed Consulting site?  A convertible VW Beetle with custom painted flowers or the Audi S4 in charcoal?