ActiveSupport Method Of The Week : group_by

Collect an enumerable into sets, grouped by the result of a block. Useful, for example, for grouping records by date. Example:

latest_transcripts.group_by(&:day).each do |day, transcripts|
    p "#{day} -> #{', ')}"
"2006-03-01 -> Transcript"
"2006-02-28 -> Transcript"
"2006-02-27 -> Transcript, Transcript"
"2006-02-26 -> Transcript, Transcript"
"2006-02-25 -> Transcript"
"2006-02-24 -> Transcript, Transcript"
"2006-02-23 -> Transcript"


A good writeup from Soundcloud about how they grew their stack to cope with demand as and when they needed to. Rather than going for a super scalable solution from the outset, they iterated on their app to add scalability as they went. I think it's a nice continuation of the Songkick article from last week about not over testing in your automated build. It's all about pragmatism.

Caltrava is a new open source JavaScript-based

Caltrava is a new open source JavaScript-based framework for developing cross-platform mobile applications. It's been built by a couple of Thoughtworkers. I think it looks rather promising...have a look and decide for yourself:

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Wait, DevTools could do THAT?

tips and tricks for performance minded...

Fontier extension for Chrome (Robert Pataki)

Everything is about the responsive web these days. When testing em and percentage based responsive websites I found it quite annoying that changing the default font size in Chrome is an annoyingly click-and-scroll-heavy task. I created Fontier that I used myself for a couple of weeks now, but I couldn't put it on the Google Web Store, as it used the experimental API. Google did a sneaky Chrome update the other day, and bless them - they moved the fontSettings from the experimental package to the core package!

Check out my first Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store, and give a good test to those responsive grids :)