Hi, I’m Lawrence. I’ve recently joined the Unboxed team in London as a service designer.

Originally from Portsmouth, I’ve lived in London for seven years, studying Design at Goldsmiths and Service Design Innovation at LCC.

Welcome to the team: Lawrence Richards 1

I love exploring new topics and researching projects from the start. I’m always curious to know how things work and what the story behind something is.

Recently I’ve been interested in how technology is changing our instinctive behaviour and what that might mean for us socially. My final year project for my masters was working with Geovation Hub to create a new experience when navigating in a city that rebalances our reliance on technology. The outcome was a navigation game that challenged users to learn navigating by memory to compete with their friends.

Welcome to the team: Lawrence Richards 2

Whilst I’ve been at Unboxed, I’ve been involved full-time in the Digital Customer Programme at Newham Council. As part of the discoveries I’ve been doing research into various service strands, carrying out interviews, research and planning and running workshops to identify potential improvements.

The culture at Unboxed is great - having regular catch ups with mentors, and bouncing ideas and questions off others at Whines & Cheers and social lunches. I’ve also discovered that I’m terrible at oversized jenga:

Welcome to the team: Lawrence Richards 3

Outside of work, I am a fan of exploring London, pub quizzes and occasionally getting up on stage to try and be funny.