Hi there, I’m Dennis and I’ve recently joined the Unboxed team for a three-month placement.

I’m currently studying MEng Computing at Imperial College London. I’ve been part of a wide variety of group projects, ranging from WebApps to building a small operating system.

I’m eager to constantly learn more about software development and making use of the knowledge I already have about programming.

Dennis Tsiang 1

I lived in Stoke-On-Trent for the most of my life and only moved to London when I began University. The amount of people in London was more than I expected! Before University I had a little experience coding in C++ on an Arduino board, which I used for making small projects. At University, I have been learning all sorts of programming languages including Java, C and even ones I’ve never heard of before such as Haskell. I’m extremely fond of learning new things and I look forward to seeing what I can learn at my time with Unboxed.

I had some experience using Ruby but no previous experience using Ruby on Rails before coming to Unboxed. However, the team at Unboxed have provided me with the opportunity to study more about the framework in a professional environment. This support has been invaluable in allowing me to develop my knowledge of Ruby on Rails, and I can really start to see how beneficial Rails is for creating web applications. I’m really excited to use what I am learning in a real project.

Dennis Tsiang2

Unboxed has also given me a deeper insight into how software development works in industry, and I have enjoyed learning more about Agile development. The general atmosphere is relaxing and everyone is pleasant here. I definitely think I can improve my skills here at Unboxed and I’m very keen on attending in the conferences to learn more about the latest developments in programming.

Currently I’ve been spending my time going through the Induction Board game and familiarising myself with Ruby on Rails. In addition, I’ve been part of the team that is working on updating the Unboxed website. Some of those new changes you’re seeing on the website have been done by me!

In my spare time I enjoy reading up on the latest news and trends in technology from online articles. I’m also very interested in hearing about what of things experts believe we will see in the future! Elsewhere, I love gaming on my 3DS and ranking up on Overwatch!