Hi, I’m Claudia Hopkins and I’m a designer. I am very excited to join Unboxed and work on a breadth of projects!

Claudia Hopkins

Before coming to Unboxed, I was an interaction designer at Public Health England Digital and have mainly focused on healthcare design throughout my career. However, my road to design started at an unusual place: Chemical Biology.

When studying this at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, I was working in a stem cell research lab. I was interested in how biomedical research could be made meaningful to people’s lives through communication and visuals. This interest started my design journey as a graphic designer and illustrator in various labs across Canada.

I expanded my skills in designing digital services while studying Interaction Design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. Since then, I have been involved in service design in hospitals, designed medical education tools at the University of British Columbia, and been involved in design teams at both Public Health England Digital and the Ontario Digital Service.

With my role at Unboxed, I’m looking forward to expanding beyond health and into other topics, as well as exploring how design within a digital agency operates.

Designing inclusively

My passion for design lies within inclusive design because “if you design for everyone, you delight no-one.” Through this lens, design is an opportunity for social justice by designing with those who are often marginalised and therefore not prioritised. By prioritising these people in the design process, the service will work for those who do not face the same barriers as well.

As design practitioners, our decisions carry impact. We should question what we create and the methods we use to get there; both aspects affect the communities that they serve. Facilitating a collaborative process, mentoring others in design, and shifting the power to users is a great way to bring equity to the process.

Sharing the design process with others was the inspiration behind my TEDx talk about service design. If interested, you can watch it on YouTube.

TEDx talk

Life outside of design

I'm still getting to know London since moving from Vancouver nine months ago. So far, two of my favourite things are the ever-changing arts and culture, and M&S’ Colin the Caterpillar cakes. The second was a surprisingly delightful discovery.

I am my calmest, happiest self when I’m by the ocean — whether it is sitting, reading, walking, or swimming. When I can’t be by the water, I create paper cuts of these magical places to tell stories and evoke memories.

Paper cuts

Another passion of mine is food. I love exploring other cultures and getting to know people through cooking and sharing. I was gifted a sourdough starter three months ago, and have been experimenting ever since. I have also been baking with my flatmates recently to make self-isolation a bit sweeter.