Hello! I'm Despo and I have recently joined Unboxed as a developer.

I have been a developer for over 15 years, and have used Ruby and Ruby on Rails as my primary tech stack for a bit over a decade. But my love for coding goes further back. I inherited it from my dad who used to develop software using QBasic for his and his friends' businesses.

I am also the founder and one of the trustees of codebar. codebar is a charity creating more diversity in tech. It has chapters across the world and teaches programming with help from volunteers. If you have some time to spare or want to get your company involved, get in touch.

Other than that, I love working on my pet projects and doing ancestry research. These days you are more likely to find me at a soft play center trying to get my toddler to burn some energy. All that while usually listening to a crime podcast.

I am very excited to join Unboxed and to work with such a great team. I also look forward to developing some amazing software together.

Written by Despo Pentara Gale