Andrew White hosted the third webinar in the #StrongerAgile series, titled ‘Take developers up the foodchain: Why and how to include developers in business and design meetings for better ideation’.

The full audio of the session:

Topics covered included:

  • The unspoken reasons developers can be excluded
  • Insights a developer can provide that other participants can’t
  • Security and privacy
  • Integrating design within the design process
  • Initial design meetings
  • The role of a senior developer in a first meeting

Amongst these topics, Andrew shared insights:

  • Customers prefer to be spoken to honestly than be subject to hand waving
  • You should include developers as they can provide insights that other participants can't
  • Developers are some of the largest users of digital products and services so by including them you can gain access to a sophisticated user that may represent your target market
  • Including developers can help make design part of the whole iterative process, where it can move from low to high fidelity as the development progresses

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