Richard Stobart kicked off our SpeedAgile webinar series, with the first session: ‘Speed up stakeholder communication and sign off’.

In this 30-minute webinar, Richard explored:

  • Rapidly engaging and building confidence with your stakeholders
  • Creating momentum on the features you really need
  • Applying communication ceremonies that give everyone clarity
  • Helping slice through a complex stakeholder decision-making unit

Listen to the full audio of the session:

The session slides:

Topics covered included:

  • Getting communication going between stakeholders at the start of the process and getting sign off at the end
  • Beginning a journey with stakeholders
  • Engaging people within the journey
  • Starting with the basics, before ramping up
  • The “Development Sausage Machine”
  • Taking feedback on board and using this
  • The various different types of stakeholders
  • Measuring though t-shirt sizing for value

Other insights shared:

  • Take your stakeholders on a journey, increase their level of comfort and build trust so they trust what you say – as this relationship builds and improves, then get them excited
  • Go as fast as you can, take risks but land safely
  • Put the person in an environment where they can learn as fast as possible, and don’t feel out of their depth
  • You don’t want to be in a situation where stakeholders feel like they’re fighting you all the time and they aren’t being heard
  • Once your stakeholders are engaged, you can take off the training wheels and hand it over to them – you’ve taken them through a secure, safe process
  • The most critical thing is continual improvement

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We still have two more sessions in the SpeedAgile webinar series over the next few weeks – get your place now.

If you have any questions on this topic, or any topic similar to this, tweet us with the hashtag #AgileSpeed at @Ubxd, or tweet Richard directly at @richardstobart – we’d love to hear from you.