Richard Stobart held the first in a new webinar series, titled ‘90 days to transform a ‘stuck’ digital product that HAS to succeed...’:

Topics covered included:

• Roadmapping
• What not to do and how to untie your hands so you’re doing things as effectively and efficiently as possible
• Aligning your team – empowering them and removing the blockers
• Getting the code-base in a position to develop on, changing your pace and direction
• Getting this into production and hitting the big risks with this software
• The process of putting into development

Among the insights shared were:

Get your teams structured in a more efficient way:

• Imagine your development team as being an efficient sausage machine, and your functional requirements that go into that machine are, as quickly as possible, being produced as sausages


• What not to do: throw more developers at a problem - it’s about communication, not speed of typing
• Your production pipeline is similar to the flow of traffic on a motorway – as you start adding cars to that motorway, the average speed starts dropping
• Reduce the amount the team is working on, get them to deliver a very small handful of things to start getting loosely delivering
• Look at all the meetings that your team are having – if they’re nothing to do with their current piece of work then either cancel or schedule for a day of the week that doesn’t disrupt the rest of the team
• If you’re going to have long-term planning sessions, time-box them and realise that there’s limited value in planning months and months ahead because things will change

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Richard is holding our next webinar on Wednesday 4th February, titled 'Why pair programming? And how to do it well…'. Find out more information and register here.