Why mobile web apps are slow - Murray S


Yes, this article was popping up all over the place a couple of weeks back, but it's really long and it's taken me a while to finally get around to reading it. I'm glad finally I did, as it's not you run-of-the-mill pundit article:

  1. It's incredibly detailed. There are loads of aspects to the topic (hardware, JIT, benchmarks, language design, …) and the author covers each in great detail. When I finished I felt like I'd actually learned something (well, more than one thing, actually).
  2. It's really well written. The article has links to all his sources which in an article like this is really useful for extra background reading on things you're not so familiar with. Not only that though, in the off-chance that you think he's wrong you've got access to the same data and you can use it to work out if he is or isn't wrong (I wouldn't bother though, his conclusions seem pretty on the ball). His secondary aim with the article is to raise the level of writing about technical subjects; I'd say he's achieved that.

If you haven't already read it, or even if you just skimmed it first time around, I highly recommend that you put aside the time to give this article a proper read.

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The Future of Programming - Murray S

Obligatory link to a new talk by Brett Victor. If you aren't already hoovering up Brett's talks as they come out, you really should check them out (they're all linked on his website).

ToggleQuotes for Sublime - Tom S


Recently I have switched to Sublime as my text editor and have been finding useful little packages ever since. Here's one that allows you to select a quoted line and toggle between apostrophes and quotation marks.

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