Bad service design is not a strategy - Andrew W

Andrew Greenway (formerly Programme Manager at GDS) challenges service owners about using excuses like demand management as justification for not improving bad services.

Clickbait title goes here - Murray S

A reminder that computers will come to automate all our jobs eventually. Thankfully someone (for the moment at least) has to write the training sets and the learning algorithms and this article goes into the details of both. It's interesting to note that the same techniques are used to generate the titles as well as the body text with very different success rates; the titles are good, the body text not so much. Maybe there's hope for us fleshy humans after all.

Track of the Week - Matt T

"Déjà vu" by Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia

This was my song of the summer (and year) ... fave memory with it ... roof down, driving to the beach every day in Ibiza. Heaven.