Destroying an MP4, one step at a time - Crystal

A man downloads and then re-uploads a video of himself to YouTube 1000 times, to show how quickly the visual and audio quality of an MP4 deteriorates.

Performance at Etsy - Murray S

There's a bunch of stuff I could say about the Etsy quarterly performance reports (here's a link to the most recent one), but Julia Evans has already said everything I'd say, so there's no need. She's also collected together loads of supplemental links to slides and past-reports. What more could you want?

Hyperloop - Leon OK

Hyper loop first test…The future??

Electron 1.0 - Henry T

Electron, previously the Atom Shell, has reached a trust inspiring version one. Electron is a way to build native apps with HTML/CSS/JS for desktop (rather than for mobile which is more heard of). The Atom text editior, Slack, the Brave browser and Basecamp app are all built on Electron. Might be fun?

Track of the Week - Graeme M

I was having conversation with Sarah about 90’s songs (one of many conversations), when she said “Even Scatman has come up under recommended on YouTube”. I thought “Scatman?” so YouTubed, only to realise that the 'Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop bop bodda bope’ part of this song has been in my head for about three years, with absolutely no clue as to who it was by or what song it was. So this is dedicated to all those who have lyrics from songs in their head and no idea who it’s by. You are not alone.

The Scatman by Scatman John