git 2.3 released, with Push to Deploy - Gavin

A new version of git might not be that exciting, but 2.3 comes with Push to Deploy, where it will update a working copy after a push. Great for simple production server setups working via a checked-out git.

Helpful Sublime package for Ruby tests - Tom

There are a number of things this package adds to Sublime Text, but the most useful shortcut this adds for me is being able to press Command + . to switch between code and its respective test file.

Mr Data Converter - Chris

An awesome site for converting CSV/TSV/copy-paste from Excel/Numbers into a Ruby hash, JSON object, Python dictionary etc. A massive timesaver.

Programmer Proverbs - Gavin

At the very least, they're food for discussion.

The Dangerous Hero - Carlo

Back in 2009 I wrote a blog post about the danger of hero-driven development. Jason Knight has made a great clarification about the differences between a hero and a champion.

Track of the Week - Neil

I choose 'High Tea' by 'Roller Trio'. It's dark. It's swirling. It's saxophone jazz-rock.