Monolith vs Microservice First? - Patrick V


Microservices are the cool kid on the block, but they come with different complexity to a monolithic architecture. Both of these links discuss the trade offs at a highlevel - and in the case of Sam Newman in a particular example - of whether to start with a monolith or a microservice architecture. Sneak preview: Perhaps a small monolith is a good place to start on a greenfield project.

Consumer psychology made easy - Willa R

Cognitive Lode breaks behavioural economics and consumer psychology down into fun, shiny, and easy to understand nuggets

Finally, a date and time picker that doesn't suck - Tom S


I have been searching far and wide for decent date and time picker and finally decided on Amsul’s pickadate.js. It offers plenty of style customisation and configuration and so far I can’t fault it.

Inject and the healthy kind of headache - Pedro M

I have found myself return to this blog post lately trying to solve a couple of problems. It gives the kind of headache I like: the one caused by learning. It is approaches the concept of monoids and their use in composition.

DateTime vs Time - Chris C

Our very own Andrew W helpfully explains the misconceptions about the Ruby DateTime and Time objects, and when to use each one. An explanation so helpful it was added to the official ruby docs!

Mind bending design fiction from an alternative universe - Dom M