RESTkit from Rails to iOS - Richard S

It may be a bit old and RESTKit had a big re-write in version 0.20.0 (the latest is 0.26.0) but the pair are a great way to publish and consume an API with a lot of the heavy-lifting done for you (after you’ve climbed the learning-curve).

The talk to go with the slides above. In a tent.

LICEcap - Simple animated screen captures - Andrew W

LICEcap is a simple, free tool to capture your screen in animated GIF format ready for posting to the web or via social media.

Moore’s Law no more - Murray S

It seems that chip manufacturers are finally drawing a line under Moore’s Law and no longer chasing number of components on the chip as the only metric for advancement. It'll be interesting to see what the next "our chip is better because..." battles are.

Feature Toggling - Patrick V

This is an interesting, if rather long and academic, discussion of the many options around feature toggling. If this is too dry and exhaustive for you - hop down to for some good examples of dependancy inversion, the use of the strategy pattern and other good design techniques for implementing toggles (and code in general).

Terraform: Beyond the Basics with AWS - Andrew W

Josh Campbell and Brandon Chavis explain how to get the best of the Terraform infrastructure tool when deploying to AWS.

Relationships - Richard S

Let's talk about relationships; after all, it's almost Valentine's Day. Ruby vs Objective-C competing for our hearts.

How To Migrate Your Parse App To Parse Server With Heroku And MongoLab - Andrew W

With the recent announcement about Parse shutting down a lot of app developers have been left wondering what to do. Since Parse have graciously open-sourced a server app, one such option is to host your own and Reinder de Vries explains here how to go about it using Heroku and MongoLab.

Track of the Week - Grant S

"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley