Material design by Google - Tom S & Paula

An insight to Google's design language that is used consistently across their products: Google Apps on Android, and in their web applications (Drive, Docs, Sheets).

Bootstrap 3 Material Design - Paula

Thanks to this theme for Bootstrap 3 web developers can use most of the elements of Google's new "design language" in their own applications - but remembering "This theme is in early development and is not ready for production” yet.

Slack surprise - Tom S

Little Big Details shows us a little easter egg in Slack's preference panel

SuperScrollorama (jQuery plugin) - Tom S

A fun and outrageous set of scrolling effects, my favourite is "Fling it".

smile.exe :] - Tom S

invisible bread - he's very good

SaaS Survey - Dom

Thought-provoking, key metrics, SaaS survey for 300+ companies.

UI trends - Dom

Chinese mobile app UI trends covering Android ROMs, widgets, themes and more…