A hint at a future Apple CPU instruction set architecture - Oskar P


Cpu instruction sets (x86/arm) for decades, and can be the limiting factor for code. They can also limit Apple's ability to eventually move away from the ARM architecture. This article looks at how recent changes at Apple hint that this might be their intention.

Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds - Matt T


How Spotify manage to stay agile despite rapid scaling and now being a large(ish) organisation, with useful pictures!

Heard of flexbox? Want to know how it works? - Anson K


Interactive demo to show how css flexbox layouts work and how using flexbox makes many front-end issues like vertically centering an element trivial to solve. Best viewed on chrome.

Top tips for data viz - Dom M


Love data viz? Love this JavaScript visualisation library!

Track of the Week - Charlie E

"New Tech Haven" by Bjørn Lynne

I started listening to this track about a week before coming to London last summer. I have a playlist for each month where I add new songs I come across. Since this was at the start of the June playlist I used to start my commute on the 271 bus listening to this track to set me up for the day :)