Rails Docker App Deployment on Kubernetes - Charlie E


I went through a this on an innovation day a few weeks ago but never wrote it up. If you're interested in running a containerized Rails app in a mock production setup then this is one way to do it. The previous post has a Docker development Rails quick start guide.

How to Create Postgres Indexes Concurrently in ActiveRecord Migrations - Chris H


This week I came across a migration that used the Postgres concurrency option when creating an index. Useful for indexing large tables without downtime as it doesn't prevent concurrent inserts, updates or deletes on the table.

DynamicClass, A faster replacement for OpenStruct - Andrew W


Often the OpenStruct library is used to consume APIs so that you can access responses using dot notation but that comes at a high price since every time you fetch an object it recreates the accessor on the instance's singleton class. If your API is stable then a better alternative is to use DynamicClass, which creates the accessor method on the class instead, meaning that future instances will be as fast as if you manually created the methods. One important caveat - don't use it with arbitrary user params as it will open your app up to a DoS attack by constantly creating new methods.

Building a networking stack in ruby - Murray S


This is an article on how the networking stack works, starting with the sockets library and going down from there. It's all explained with ruby code you can use yourself to understand the raw bytes being sent over your network. I really enjoyed the article for it's deep-dive, but also for the neat tricks Daniel uses to do the low-level byte processing you need for network programming. I forget that ruby has these features as I'm usually working at a much higher level and don't worry about bytes much, so it's nice to be reminded that I can work further down the stack in my favourite language.

Track of the Week - Sarah B

In order to improve this weeks mood, and to celebrate Gram and I going on holiday (separately) I think this is appropriate:

Madonna - Holiday