8 useful strategies for splitting large user stories - Matt T


If you’re struggling to break large user stories down, this article has a few different perspectives to think of, which may help you.

Market Rights? - Claire K

We do biannual salary reviews to ensure that our developers are paid the going current market rates. I asked Louis for some guidance on this considering the fact that he is placing people like ours in places like theirs. This is the information I was fed but is it actually right?

Fixing janky mobile animations - Tom S


Paul Lewis takes a quick look into a site that has a off-canvas sidebar, but finds that it has janky mobile animations. Within a few minutes he has diagnosed the problem and fixes it, but it’s great to see his workings along the way.

User Story Mapping - Matt T


In the run up to the Inception Workshop for a new project, it was suggested that we use Story Mapping as a way to structure the generation and prioritisation of User Stories and the Product Backlog. The presentation you can download from this link is an excellent overview and demonstrates a practical way to apply the technique.

GitHub reactions for PRs, issues and comments - Andrew W


As open-source maintainer it's nice to get feedback about your work but sometimes all the email notifications from people giving a thumbs up can be a bit much, so the news that GitHub has added reactions to PRs, issues and comments comes as a blessed relief for the Rails team I'm sure. The only one they've missed is reactions to commits - how about it GitHub?

Track of the Week - Jack B

I've been ill all week, so I've mostly been confined to my home

"Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros