Potent bow wave sweeps across the stars - Dom M


Runaway star zooms through interstellar space at 24 km/s, pushing a wave of glowing gas 12 light years wide ahead of it. Kinda makes you feel insignificant, on a cosmic level...

The art of the command line - Murray S


The unix philosophy is for lots of small tools that do one thing well. The problem I've always had is finding all those small tools and working out what they do, and how to plug them all together to achieve great things. If you're like me you'll find this article a real help in navigating the wealth of tools available to you.

Periodic table of HTML5 elements - Tom S


Originally created by Josh Duck, this periodic table is a fresh take on the atoms we use everyday.

Pick meaningful colour names for your sass variables - Tom R


Ever struggled with sass variables like $light-grey, $lighter-grey, $lighter-lighter-grey, $even-lighter-grey? Come up with meaningful and appropriate names for your sass variables using this One Cool Website

DeployBot - Charlie E


I added GitHub repo, specified a branch, specified automated deploys and pointed it at a heroku app. Seemed to just work. Can choose Digital Ocean, AWS for files, or run a custom script somewhere. The free plan is limited to one project.

Viewport resizer - Tom S


Enter in your site URL (in the top left field), press go and then start resizing. The “Hay!” option is a great way to test mobile-first designs.