Emergency Codes - Claire K


I don't know about you but, with the rise of terror attacks in cities that I have visited before, I am on edge if I see a police person. So the other day when I heard an announcement for a "code 4" as I came out of the train station, I googled it.

Unfortunately it was not that interesting.

Servo Starters - Charlie E


An idea for an upcoming Hackday was to work on some open source projects. The Rust community & mozilla have a number of initiatives for new contributors. Servo Starters is one such initiative for the servo browser engine that lists issues suitable for beginners as well as highlighting mentored.

Online migrations at scale - Chris H


This article provides an interesting insight into the migration strategy employed by Stripe when redesigning a part of their data model. It details a common 4 step dual writing pattern, their approach, and some of the tools and frameworks that they use. I particularly liked their use of Github's Scientist library to alert them to any inconsistencies during the process in a safe way.

Scale API - Charlie E


Not sure if anyone else has used Amazon Mechanical Turk before but this is a similar service for "intelligence as a service" with a nice API (that I haven't used yet). There's also an SE Daily episode with an interview for those into podcasts.

Track of the Week - Boris D

While I didn’t like the movie very much (I thought the story was pretty weak) I did like the music and I still finding myself humming bits of it after a week. Also, the colours in the movie were amazing (seriously)!

La La Land - City of Stars