Chrome won - Tom S

Chrome has won the browser wars according to Andreas Gal, who used to be Mozilla's CTO 2 years ago. An interesting read but perhaps it's nothing too surprising. I quite liked the comparison made to cars & horses:

It's like launching a new and improved horse in the year 2017. We all drive cars now. Some people still use horses, and there is value to horses, but technology has moved on when it comes to transportation

How To Develop Unlimited Willpower - Matt T

I heard of the concept of Ego Depletion six or seven years ago. I felt that it explained the effect of your willpower draining throughout the day really well.

Now I wonder if that belief has been self-fulfilling (to some extent).

This article reframes willpower, in the context of recent research, giving a perspective I've not thought about for a while and some new concepts. I'll be mulling it over. Very interesting.

Thoughts on Public Speaking - Charlie

A site that lays out a plan to follow when preparing for a talk. Good sections about use of images and dealing with nerves.

An intro to web components with otters - Elena T

Lovely guide to how to use web components by a fellow Romanian and current core dev for Polymer. It's got otters, deal with it.

Learning about Kubernetes - Elena T

An account written by Julia Evans on what she's learned while using Kubernetes. She has a talent for explaining things in a way that's easy to follow so I recommend having a look.

Be careful celebrating Google's new ad blocker - Elena T

The Chrome ad blocker is advertised as a tool for stopping ads which provide a "frustrating experience" for the user. However, it will only block ads that are not sold by Google, for the most part.

Track of the week - Charlie E

No comment really - perhaps a tribute to the diminishing chargy team ;)

Depeche Mode - Going Backwards