ZType: A Typing Game - Tom S


Destroy invading spaceships with this fun typing game.

semantic-rs - Charlie E


Earlier in the year I wrote up a sub-graph matching package in Rust. Published packages (crates) require the version to be set correctly; I'd done this manually and it's just another thing to remember to do. I haven't used semantic-rs but it looks pretty useful for helping automate the process. I've not yet come across an equivalent for Ruby.

An introduction to ITCSS - Tom S


Oliver Thomas Klein gives a nice introduction to ITCSS (Inverted Triangle CSS), a methodology to help organise your CSS.

Yes, progressive enhancement is a fucking moral argument - Rich A


I make no bones about the fact that I am utterly pro-Progressive Enhancement, but a certain article published this week by (I assume) a Project Manager, who appears to have heard some Ember developers having a bitching session one time and decided to write about it, highlighted to me quite how many people misunderstand PE to be solely about how "all websites should be able to work without JS" (spoilers: it's not).

Rising out of the various Tweetstorms arose 2 response articles of note - one, an articulate and thoughtful reply that goes out its way to explain the underlying principles of PE, and why it is a necessary step in web development, written by one of the champions of PE Aaron Gustafson; and the other, a... more passionate and entertaining read.

Note: I linked the second article in header not because it was any 'better' than the first - they're both great; but mainly because it having a swearword in the title meant you were more likely to read this whole blurb.

Sorry for manipulating you like that.


Finding The Fake-News King - Charlie E


Short podcast episode about fake news that includes an brief interview with someone running a number of fake news sites. Interesting to hear the story from the other side. The interview is written up here.

Robotic pen draws & writes - Tom S


So satisfying to watch that it's almost therapeutic.

Track of the Week - Martin E

I've been in Cape Town this week running Techqala (our start-up accelerator - http://www.techqala.com/) and I brought my 17 year old son along for the ride. We managed to get away for an afternoon to explore and he took control of the car stereo, introducing me to "Kendrick". Here's what Stanley says about the track: "Lyrically the song is very good both in technique and meaning, it has a very catchy beat and it comes with a fun video as well."

Kendrick Lamar - i