On Being A Senior Engineer - Tom R


As someone who's recently started taking "Senior" contract positions, I'm continually struggling with what that means -- both to me, and to the people who hire me.

This post from @allspaw lays out, in an incredibly accessible manner, the principles and behaviour he expects at Etsy from someone who considers themselves "senior". Reading this will certainly make you a better engineer -- no matter your current level.

A testing environment per pull request - Pedro M


Heroku is experimenting with booting up an app per pull request. I find this interesting in the way it brings the QA cycle for a feature closer to a practice of Continuous Integration. It would be interesting to hear about the use of the feature in practice and whether it is truly effective in shortening PR approval time.

Acting like Sherlock Holmes for better user research - Carmen B


I did love this article comparing user research to Sherlock Holmes work. I love how it shows that we should concentrate more on the problem and how to follow the scientific method. IMO we jump to soon into solution mode and we should remember to be more like Sherlock :)

Rant in JS Minor - Carlo K


A rant from an Unboxed alum on why relying on JS is such a terrible idea

Track of the Week - Tyler S

DARUDE. SANDSTORM. I mean, how can anyone find it easy choosing 1 song out of their whole music library? But look at it this way - the whole topic of Track of the Week is in fact to share your current favourite, not your “Track of the year" or “Track of your whole entire life time”. So I share with my fellow Unboxed-ians, The City, 1975.

I know a few who can’t stand this dudes voice, but if you give the instruments a chance, you’ll find that it all sits quite nicely. Got some sweet synth in there on the chorus too ;) They get really funky in some of their other less popular tracks