The Website Obesity Crisis - Andrew W

With the increasing use of Mobile Web all of the extra bells and whistles that get added to web pages literally cost you money. Maciej Cegłowski, founder of Pinboard, dissects problem and discovers that even the programs from the likes of Google and Facebook designed to address the problem can't avoid falling into the same traps.

Naming is a process ⇒ insights into such a process - Patrick V

I find it useful to understand the processes that people go through to acheive the code they write. This is an extensive dig into the process of naming things and is an interesting read (though long). Being deliberate about the things we do is valuable so hopefully this will help generate conversations about how to get to good names in software.

Images as a Service - Anson K By Andy Croll of Brighton Ruby fame

The average web page size is greater than 2MB, and increasing. And great swathes of that are images. Serving the right size of image can vastly improve the experience for your users. But while we're arguing about whether Rails is slow or not we're chucking vast images at peoples phones over EDGE connections.

Serving images should be a 'solved' problem, just like it is for 'hosting' or authentication. However lots of solutions make poor default suggestions. What can we do for our users with 100 lines of code, Sinatra, a single gem and a CDN?

Track of the Week - Patrick V

Goldfish are South African and make a sound that I enjoy, but more importantly my girls love their music videos.

"Get Busy Living" by Goldfish